Our Goals


  • Strive to help 25-30 children in need with a new pair of shoes
  • Sponsor a “Shoe Drive” for a local homeless shelter in the greater Sacramento Region.
  • Host an auction on EBAY for tickets to a special event in the greater Sacramento area – i.e. sporting event, art exhibit, children’s event.
  • Host at least one fundraising event in order to attract and retain partnerships to support such a great cause.
  • Work towards building and retaining a solid, strong and compassionate group of volunteers to support a worthwhile cause.
  • Establish a News Letter quarterly.


  • Help at least 30-50 children in need with a new pair of shoes.
  • Attain two “Shoe Drives”. One before the start of the 2015-16 school year and another one in December.
  • Host at least two fundraising events in order to attract and retain donors to support our passionate cause.
  • Maintain and update the News Letter quarterly.
  • Have a “Donor of the Month/Year” listed on Website.
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